Brick 3 Pizza

Saturday, August 22, 2009

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My first experience with Brick 3 was right after they had opened after a late night session with the boys on Old World Third Street, a New York slice of pizza really hit the spot. My friends went to hit one of the hot dog vendors but I found how quick and great this place is as I gave the valet my car ticket. The different pies were displayed behind the counter so I could make a quick choice. The staff behind the counter was so fast, I walked out the door with my slice at the same time the valet had pulled my car up. Anyone downtown late at night needs to stop in. The crust was great I loved sauce and the whole process was fast and efficient.

I finally stopped in at lunch last week and found easy parking. I walked out with my slice in less than 5 minutes. I found the pizza to be as good as I thought after a night of adult beverages. I highly recommend a stop here.

They have a great menu of pizza choices by the pie or slice. They deliver, cater and even offer curbside service for call in orders. The counter service is great and I think because of its size and layout the store has a great feel like you are in New York.

I give Brick 3 Pizza 4 out of 5 slices